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John Hancock Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (Enter numbers only): $15,000.00
Total Raised: $17,571.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 250
Members Recruited: 163

Join Our Team

Team up with the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox to shut out cancer!

Join our Rally Team today by giving $5 to the Jimmy Fund, then wear your Red Sox gear April 3, Fenway Opening Day, to celebrate the start of baseball season. If enough people give to our team's fundraising, we could win great prizes like Sox hats, tickets, or an in-person visit from the 2017 Rally Red Sox Spokes player! GO SOX!

Remember, if you donate $25 or more, I encourage you to take advantage of the company's generous matching program. John Hancock will match your donation and all matching gifts also count toward our team total.

Match your contribution by following these easy steps:
1. From MF Central visit the new Volunteer Central page and select the “Volunteer & Give” tile.
2. Open the Programs window from the banner at the top and select Matching Gift.
3. Type in ” Dana-Farber Cancer Institute” in the Search field, you can select the org by clicking on the “Donate” button and then selecting on Next at the bottom of the page.
4. Input your contribution Information and follow the system prompts.
5. Be sure to enter that this match benefits the “John Hancock 2017 Rally Against Cancer campaign” in step 3 (“Gift Purpose”) of the submission form.
6. Review and confirm your submission.

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to "The Jimmy Fund" and mail it to:The Jimmy FundAttn: Rally for the Jimmy Fund10 Brookline Place West, 6th FloorBrookline, MA 02445Dana-Farber's tax ID is 042263040

Team Members:
Total Raised$17,571.00  
General Team Donation$1,370.00  
Gregory Polite$50.00  
James Bowman$250.00  
   Raisa Araya$50.00  
   Samantha Arias$25.00  
   Michele Audet$50.00  
   Jaime Avery$200.00  
   Andrea Bala$400.00  
   Mark Bensman$200.00  
   Keith Biddy$25.00  
   Matthew Boland$50.00  
   Daniel Boyd$50.00  
   Eric Bremberg$246.00  
   Debra Brown$100.00  
   Carla Burke$100.00  
   Peter and Allison Burke$100.00  
   Angela Calcagno$10.00  
   Heather Cantwell$100.00  
   Patricia Carli$50.00  
   Lisa Cebollero$25.00  
   Erin Collins$5.00  
   Maureen Constantino$105.00  
   Robert Coughlan$50.00  
   Linda Coughlin$50.00  
   Anne Criscione$25.00  
   Diane Cronin$100.00  
   Lauren Cross$50.00  
   Teresa Crosscup$35.00  
   Mary DeGurski$25.00  
   Ann Delaney$50.00  
   Don Delaney$25.00  
   gary desimone$50.00  
   mary dill$100.00  
   Alexander Diment$100.00  
   Steve Dinis$10.00  
   Robert Donahue$100.00  
   Chris Donoghue$250.00  
   Michael Doughty$500.00  
   Nicholas Drake$100.00  
   Shane Drew$200.00  
   Denise Dudko$100.00  
   Ann Elliott$70.00  
   Monica Everett$50.00  
   Staci Ferrazzani$200.00  
   Jeremy Fistel$200.00  
   Laureen Flint$10.00  
   Brian Franey$50.00  
   Meghann Froio$10.00  
   Susan Gaffney$100.00  
   Joyce Gaglini$25.00  
   Keith Gendron$100.00  
   irene gorokhovsly$25.00  
   Hope Groves$70.00  
   Janice Guiendon$25.00  
   Laurie Guiney$100.00  
   Carey Hamel$200.00  
   John Harrison$600.00  
   Lauren Harvey$600.00  
   Jim Hoodlet$100.00  
   Bruce Kearnan$70.00  
   Brian Keefe$50.00  
   Neal Kerins$100.00  
   John Kurker$25.00  
   Tom Laroche$50.00  
   Karen Larsen$50.00  
   Lise Lavigne$25.00  
   Olyvia Leahy$50.00  
   judy lee-ngai$50.00  
   Laura Legendre$50.00  
   Patricia Lehner$25.00  
   Alison Leonard$50.00  
   Holly Leugers$100.00  
   Jeff Leutert$100.00  
   Andy Littleford$10.00  
   Matthew Lo$200.00  
   Greg Loehr$10.00  
   Mary Logue-Maguire$200.00  
   Courtney Lynch$25.00  
   Kathy MacDonald$50.00  
   heather majewski$200.00  
   MIchael Malaquias$25.00  
   Dong Mao$100.00  
   Janet Marconi$100.00  
   Lisa Marshall$25.00  
   Deborah Martin$100.00  
   John Martin$100.00  
   June Mathias$100.00  
   Elizabeth Matlack$25.00  
   Sean McCabe$50.00  
   Christopher McCann$25.00  
   Theresa McGuinness$200.00  
   Ken McLaughlin$25.00  
   Brian McMahon$200.00  
   David McNamara$50.00  
   Wendy Merrifield$10.00  
   Kerri Milton$50.00  
   Rick Mines$25.00  
   Sarah Moore$1,135.00  
   Joel Moran$200.00  
   Julie Moran$25.00  
   Amy Mulligan-Capocci$100.00  
   Catherine Murphy$100.00  
   Kimberly Navins$25.00  
   Daniel Nestle$10.00  
   Tim Norment$25.00  
   Deirdre O'Boyle$200.00  
   Stephen O'Brien$50.00  
   Courtney O'Connor$200.00  
   Christopher Oates$200.00  
   Susan ONeill$25.00  
   Nicole Ormon$50.00  
   Julie Otero$50.00  
   Sophia Pattas$10.00  
   Kevin Peak$10.00  
   Jennifer Pearsall$25.00  
   Anna Pellegrino$50.00  
   Shannon Perschy$50.00  
   Jeffrey Peterson$25.00  
   Barbara Pickard$200.00  
   Nancy Pimentel$50.00  
   Douglas Plaisted$50.00  
   David Plumb$500.00  
   Carol Quilty$100.00  
   Jennifer Raposa$50.00  
   Edmund Reagan$50.00  
   Litoya Relph$25.00  
   Edward Rich$50.00  
   Jason Robicheau$25.00  
   Devon Rogers$10.00  
   Stephen Rogers$100.00  
   Julie Romandetta$200.00  
   Jeffrey Scherck$10.00  
   Colin Scheriff$50.00  
   Cynthia Schlager$50.00  
   Shawn Semmes$10.00  
   Kimberly Servino$50.00  
   Freda Shapiro$50.00  
   Veronica Shaponick$50.00  
   Chris Shugrue$75.00  
   Anthony Silva$25.00  
   Mark Simmons$10.00  
   Victoria Smith$50.00  
   Wendy Smolinsky$50.00  
   MIchael Snyder$5.00  
   Michael Stephenson$100.00  
   Kathleen Studley$50.00  
   pam taylor$25.00  
   Joe Terranova$50.00  
   Colleen Tierney$50.00  
   John Tomaszewski$10.00  
   Edward Troy$100.00  
   Sarah Vallely$200.00  
   Mike Walcek$10.00  
   Michael Walker$200.00  
   Paul Watts$70.00  
   Kathryn Wescott$25.00  
   Jennifer White$100.00  
   sean williams$300.00  
   Sandra Wilson$200.00  
   Joanne Witham$100.00  
   Laura Wooster$300.00  
   Janet Yarosewick$5.00  
   Hsiolan Yu$100.00  

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