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East Boston Savings Bank
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East Boston Savings Bank Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (Enter numbers only): $5,000.00
Total Raised: $14,246.44

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 150
Members Recruited: 101

Join Our Team

Team up with the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox to shut out cancer. Join our Rally Team today by giving $5 to the Jimmy Fund if you’re on a school team or $10 if you’re on a corporate team, then wear your Red Sox gear April 3, Fenway Opening Day, to celebrate the start of baseball season.<br /><br />If enough people give to our team's fundraising, we could <a href="/faf/home/ccp.asp?ievent=1163654&lis=1&kntae1085984=F6A1AB63DA954B069943CC538A333A75&ccp=674462" target="_blank">win great prizes</a> like Sox hats, tickets, or an in-person visit from the 2017 Rally Red Sox Spokesplayer!<br />GO SOX!<br /><br />If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to "The Jimmy Fund" and mail it to:<br />The Jimmy Fund<br />Attn: Rally for the Jimmy Fund<br />10 Brookline Place West, 6<sup>th</sup> Floor<br />Brookline, MA 02445<br /><br />Dana-Farber's tax ID is 042263040

Team Members:
Total Raised$14,246.44  
General Team Donation$11,321.44  
Eric Heath$75.00  
   Mark Abbate$100.00  
   Therese Adams$10.00  
   Kim Altschul$15.00  
   Susan Angell$35.00  
   Keith Armstrong$250.00  
   Renee Bayliss$10.00  
   Pebbles Bethel$25.00  
   Jayne Brown$50.00  
   Ashley Brum$10.00  
   Ryan Bryant$50.00  
   John Carroll$75.00  
   Stephanie Chianca$10.00  
   Mary Chichester$25.00  
   Lisa Colby$10.00  
   Sarinnavi Colon$10.00  
   Kristine Cooper$25.00  
   Kim Corliss$10.00  
   Mark Crosby$10.00  
   Shannon Crosby$10.00  
   Marie Croteau$50.00  
   Philip Crotts$50.00  
   Ray Danjou$25.00  
   Sabrina Delance$10.00  
   Tatiana Depina$10.00  
   Danielle DiBella$10.00  
   AnnMarie DiMaria Gallotto$10.00  
   isabel dosreis$10.00  
   Lisa Dunlea$25.00  
   Diane Eliopoulos$50.00  
   Diane Elmstrom$10.00  
   Carla Elwood$10.00  
   Christine Fallon$10.00  
   Edward Famolare$25.00  
   LISA FERRERA$10.00  
   James Galley$10.00  
   Anne Gelineau Powers$25.00  
   Lidia Gentile$10.00  
   Arlene Giovanni$10.00  
   Gloria Goon$25.00  
   Becky Gouthro$50.00  
   Mary Hagen$50.00  
   Thomas Henderson$50.00  
   adrianne hennessey$10.00  
   Carlos Husak$25.00  
   Stella Ilardi$25.00  
   Michael Izzo$25.00  
   Sheryl Izzo$10.00  
   Rose Jackman$10.00  
   Lisa Joseph$50.00  
   Janice Kaplan$50.00  
   William Katinoglou$50.00  
   Daniel Kelley$20.00  
   Paula Kenneally$25.00  
   Donna Keough$25.00  
   Eugene Kerrigan$25.00  
   Christina Kordas$25.00  
   Lisa Kornachuk$25.00  
   Krissy Kozlosky$10.00  
   Carol Kramers$10.00  
   Anna Kulakowski$25.00  
   Linda Kyomitmaitee$25.00  
   Kathleen Lally$100.00  
   Tara Leary$10.00  
   peter looney$50.00  
   Dianne Lopes$25.00  
   Beth MacBrian$25.00  
   Barbara MacCorkle$25.00  
   Brenda Mackey$10.00  
   Maggie Mannion$25.00  
   Dianne McBride$25.00  
   Jennifer Mello$10.00  
   Alexandra Mendoza$25.00  
   Diana Menesale$25.00  
   Jamie Murphy$10.00  
   Joseph Nash$50.00  
   Karen Nelson$25.00  
   Betzaida Nunes$50.00  
   Christopher O'Neil$25.00  
   Katherine Pascal$10.00  
   Jayne Peluso$25.00  
   Jocelyn Perez$10.00  
   Joyce Portalla$10.00  
   Michael Raftery$25.00  
   Brian Reis$10.00  
   Ronald Richardson$10.00  
   Jennifer Rodriguez$25.00  
   Frank Romano$100.00  
   Richard Rougier$25.00  
   Shahida Rubab$10.00  
   Jennifer Russo$10.00  
   Maryann Russo$25.00  
   Stephen Russo$50.00  
   Poonam Sapkota$10.00  
   Mark Stevens$95.00  
   Maria Swartz$25.00  
   Matt Talvi$20.00  
   Teresita Tetzaguic$15.00  
   Linda Turcotte$10.00  
   Gladys Vazquez$10.00  
   Janis Woodman$50.00  

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