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Dana-Farber & the Jimmy Fund
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Dana-Farber & the Jimmy Fund Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (Enter numbers only): $8,000.00
Total Raised: $4,875.23

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 350
Members Recruited: 143

Join Our Team

Team up with the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox to shut out cancer. Join our Rally Team today by giving $10 or more to the Jimmy Fund, then wear your Red Sox gear for Fenway Opening Day, to celebrate the start of baseball season.

If enough people give to our team's fundraising, we could win great prizes like Sox hats, tickets, or an in-person visit from the 2018 Rally Red Sox Spokesplayer!

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to "The Jimmy Fund" and mail it to:The Jimmy FundAttn: Rally for the Jimmy Fund10 Brookline Place West, 6th FloorBrookline, MA 02445Dana-Farber's tax ID is 042263040

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,875.23  
General Team Donation$2,136.23  
Corporate Partnerships$25.00  
   Ryan Agate$25.00  
   JP Baillieul$10.00  
   Hannah Barr$20.00  
   Josh Belowich$25.00  
   Lauren Berestecky$10.00  
   Elizabeth Beyer$10.00  
   Arielle Bibeault$10.00  
   Zack Blackburn$25.00  
   Rick and Jen BodioUndisclosed  
   Erin Boudreau$10.00  
   David Brew$10.00  
   Rosemarie Brosnan$20.00  
   Hillary Bruns$25.00  
   Elizabeth Buckley$50.00  
   Gillian Buckley$20.00  
   Ali Cahill$10.00  
   Sara Campanella$10.00  
   Marion Case$25.00  
   Cailyn Chiccuarelli$20.00  
   Sharon Chisom$100.00  
   Lauren Ciarci$10.00  
   Katie Cochran$25.00  
   Susan Coggeshall-Aikey$100.00  
   Allison Conner$10.00  
   Suzanne Crane$10.00  
   Richard Crifasi$10.00  
   Joshua Currier$45.00  
   Kyle Cutter-Dabiri$10.00  
   Teresa Dabrila$25.00  
   Jillian Davis$10.00  
   Monica DeGuglielmo$10.00  
   Paula Delaney$10.00  
   Elizabeth DeLucia$50.00  
   Caitlin Devins$10.00  
   Kate Dewey$10.00  
   David DiCiccio$10.00  
   Lori Dougherty$10.00  
   Nancy Downer$35.00  
   Elizabeth Downey$25.00  
   Rebecca DuFault$10.00  
   Alissa Duffey$10.00  
   Scott Edwards$10.00  
   Kristal Enter$10.00  
   Janice Epstein$25.00  
   Erica Equi$10.00  
   David Ferreira$10.00  
   Hayley Fishman$10.00  
   Kristen Foley$10.00  
   Suzanne Fountain$25.00  
   Christine Freiburger$20.00  
   Dianne Gagne$50.00  
   Joyce Gallagher Sullivan$10.00  
   Andrea Gauthier$10.00  
   Maria German$10.00  
   Rebecca German$25.00  
   DAvid Giagrando$10.00  
   Eddie Gibbons$10.00  
   Danielle Gray$25.00  
   William Grogan$10.00  
   Matthew Gulley$25.00  
   Tierney Hally$35.00  
   Aimee Harland$25.00  
   Ashley Hauck$20.00  
   Brian Higgins$10.00  
   Alexander Ho$10.00  
   Jessica Hogan$25.00  
   David Hohrath$20.00  
   Stephanie Hurl$10.00  
   Emily Ing$10.00  
   Mona Inocentes$75.00  
   Stacy Joseph$10.00  
   Allie Karzenski$10.00  
   Stephen Kelly$10.00  
   Robert Knoerl$10.00  
   Michelle Kovach$25.00  
   Eliza Laidman$10.00  
   Colleen Laughter$10.00  
   Jan Lawlor$10.00  
   Marybeth Leary$25.00  
   Erica Lennon$10.00  
   Kelly Lepley$10.00  
   Iryelis Lopez$20.00  
   Bethany Lynch$10.00  
   Briana Lynch-Haddad$25.00  
   Louisa Macy$25.00  
   Lisa Madison$25.00  
   Susan Marre$50.00  
   Sharon Mathelus$50.00  
   Colleen McGillivray$10.00  
   Carrie McGuire$20.00  
   Erin McKenna$35.00  
   Michela Mesa$10.00  
   Kevin Miller$20.00  
   Kalee Mitchelson$10.00  
   Brendan Monahan$10.00  
   Barbara Moore$25.00  
   Liz Morris$10.00  
   Brianna O'Brien$10.00  
   Michael O'Brien$10.00  
   Tara O'Connor$100.00  
   Shannon O'Malley$10.00  
   Barbara O'Neil Smith$25.00  
   Elizabeth Patterson$10.00  
   Carolyn Procknal$20.00  
   Ilva Qorri$10.00  
   Ashley Quinn$10.00  
   Ashley Quinn$5.00  
   Maureen Quinn$20.00  
   Michael Quinn$10.00  
   Casey Reis$10.00  
   Arielle Rollins$10.00  
   Samantha Rose$10.00  
   Hannah Rosenberg$10.00  
   Jan Ross$25.00  
   Aleah Rubin$10.00  
   Jenny Schulte$10.00  
   Jennifer Segal$10.00  
   William Segal$50.00  
   Megan Shanahan$10.00  
   Caroline Shannon$25.00  
   Rebecca Shortle$25.00  
   Ellen Smith$10.00  
   Bailey Snyder$10.00  
   Caitlin Spalluto$10.00  
   Meghan Summerson$10.00  
   Chloe Svolos$10.00  
   Amy Trapasso$10.00  
   Samantha Van Tassell$25.00  
   Sharon Veino$10.00  
   Shannon Watterson$25.00  
   Elizabeth Weber$20.00  
   Emily Weinstein$10.00  
   Todd Weissman$10.00  
   Ryan Welsh$20.00  
   Sarah Whitney$10.00  
   Kelly Wicks$10.00  
   Jeffrey Williams$10.00  
   Rick Williams$25.00  
   Sarah Winawer-Wetzel$10.00  
   Saul WISNIA$54.00  
   Julie Wood$10.00  
   Kelly Yardley$20.00  

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