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Welcome to the Team Page of
2019 Bentley University - Spring Semester
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Team up with Bentley University, the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox to shut out cancer. Join our Rally Team today by donating on behalf of your Bentley student! Your student is enrolled in a curriculum of study that includes this work on behalf of the Jimmy Fund. Your donation is very much appreciated by all!

To donate, click on a student's name below or mail a check directly to the address below. Please be sure to include the name of the student you wish to credit:

The Jimmy Fund
Attn: Teresa Kane
10 Brookline Place West
Brookline MA 02445

Team Members:
Total Raised$12,031.56  
General Team Donation$200.00  
Gary Johnson$0.00  
   Aman Ailani$608.00  
   Ryan Berardino$85.00  
   Nathan Boutwell$54.79  
   Sara Bullock$325.00  
   Kenji Catalan$1,010.00  
   Nikki Christopulos$115.00  
   Emiliana Delgado$695.00  
   Brandon Faber$325.00  
   Amer Fakira$205.00  
   Fabiola Falaise$250.00  
   Luke Ferris$145.00  
   Adrian Fils-Aime$525.00  
   Noa Gamson$10.00  
   Eugenio Garibay$535.00  
   Caroline Gervais$780.00  
   Breanna Harrington$65.00  
   Erin Iwamoto$135.00  
   Cameron Letalien$125.00  
   Mary Lupoli$370.00  
   Thomas Mayall$5.00  
   Quintin McDermott$910.00  
   Allison Mega$235.00  
   James Newman$210.00  
   Gabriel pinol$170.00  
   Will Rossiter$310.00  
   charles Shippee$50.00  
   Jeremy Stern$500.00  
   Patrick Sullivan$45.00  
   Max Troiani$70.00  
   Suryansh Vaidya$1,265.00  
   Monica Viapiano$635.00  
   Alexa Widschwenter$863.77  

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