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Dana-Farber & the Jimmy Fund
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Dana-Farber & the Jimmy Fund Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (Enter numbers only): $8,000.00
Total Raised: $2,709.23

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 350
Members Recruited: 89

Join Our Team

Team up with the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox to shut out cancer. Join our Rally Team today by giving $5 to the Jimmy Fund if you’re on a school team or $10 if you’re on a corporate team, then wear your Red Sox gear for Fenway Opening Day, to celebrate the start of baseball season.

<br /><br />If enough people give to our team's fundraising, we could <a href="/faf/home/ccp.asp?ievent=1175438&ccp=674462" target="_blank">win great prizes</a> like Sox hats, tickets, or an in-person visit from the 2018 Rally Red Sox Spokesplayer!
<br />GO SOX!

<br /><br />If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to "The Jimmy Fund" and mail it to:<br />The Jimmy Fund<br />Attn: Rally for the Jimmy Fund<br />10 Brookline Place West, 6<sup>th</sup> Floor<br />Brookline, MA 02445<br /><br />Dana-Farber's tax ID is 042263040

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,709.23  
General Team Donation$1,054.23  
Corporate Partnerships$25.00  
   Ryan Agate$25.00  
   Hannah Barr$20.00  
   Josh Belowich$25.00  
   Zack Blackburn$25.00  
   Erin Boudreau$10.00  
   Rosemarie Brosnan$20.00  
   Hillary Bruns$25.00  
   Marion Case$25.00  
   Cailyn Chiccuarelli$20.00  
   Lauren Ciarci$10.00  
   Katie Cochran$25.00  
   Susan Coggeshall-Aikey$100.00  
   Allison Conner$10.00  
   Suzanne Crane$10.00  
   Joshua Currier$35.00  
   Teresa Dabrila$25.00  
   Jillian Davis$10.00  
   Paula Delaney$10.00  
   Elizabeth DeLucia$50.00  
   Lori Dougherty$10.00  
   Nancy Downer$35.00  
   Elizabeth Downey$25.00  
   Rebecca DuFault$10.00  
   Alissa Duffey$10.00  
   Scott Edwards$10.00  
   Kristal Enter$10.00  
   Janice Epstein$25.00  
   David Ferreira$10.00  
   Suzanne Fountain$25.00  
   Christine Freiburger$20.00  
   Andrea Gauthier$10.00  
   Maria German$10.00  
   Danielle Gray$25.00  
   Matthew Gulley$25.00  
   Tierney Hally$35.00  
   Aimee Harland$25.00  
   Ashley Hauck$20.00  
   Brian Higgins$10.00  
   Alexander Ho$10.00  
   Jessica Hogan$25.00  
   Stephanie Hurl$10.00  
   Emily Ing$10.00  
   Mona Inocentes$25.00  
   Stacy Joseph$10.00  
   Stephen Kelly$10.00  
   Robert Knoerl$10.00  
   Michelle Kovach$25.00  
   Marybeth Leary$25.00  
   Erica Lennon$10.00  
   Kelly Lepley$10.00  
   Iryelis Lopez$20.00  
   Bethany Lynch$10.00  
   Briana Lynch-Haddad$25.00  
   Louisa Macy$25.00  
   Lisa Madison$25.00  
   Sharon Mathelus$50.00  
   Carrie McGuire$20.00  
   Kevin Miller$20.00  
   Kalee Mitchelson$10.00  
   Brendan Monahan$10.00  
   Barbara Moore$25.00  
   Liz Morris$10.00  
   Brianna O'Brien$10.00  
   Shannon O'Malley$10.00  
   Barbara O'Neil Smith$25.00  
   Carolyn Procknal$10.00  
   Ilva Qorri$10.00  
   Ashley Quinn$10.00  
   Maureen Quinn$10.00  
   Michael Quinn$10.00  
   Casey Reis$10.00  
   Arielle Rollins$10.00  
   Hannah Rosenberg$10.00  
   Jan Ross$25.00  
   Jenny Schulte$10.00  
   Jennifer Segal$10.00  
   Megan Shanahan$10.00  
   Caroline Shannon$25.00  
   Rebecca Shortle$25.00  
   Meghan Summerson$10.00  
   Chloe Svolos$10.00  
   Sharon Veino$10.00  
   Shannon Watterson$25.00  
   Elizabeth Weber$20.00  
   Rick Williams$25.00  
   Sarah Winawer-Wetzel$10.00  
   Julie Wood$10.00  
   Kelly Yardley$20.00  

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