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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal (Enter numbers only): $10,000.00
Total Raised: $3,555.00

Join Our Team

Team up with the Jimmy Fund and the Boston Red Sox to shut out cancer. Join our Rally Team today by giving $5 to the Jimmy Fund if you’re on a school team or $10 if you’re on a corporate team, then wear your Red Sox gear for Fenway Opening Day, to celebrate the start of baseball season.

<br /><br />If enough people give to our team's fundraising, we could <a href="/faf/home/ccp.asp?ievent=1175438&ccp=674462" target="_blank">win great prizes</a> like Sox hats, tickets, or an in-person visit from the 2018 Rally Red Sox Spokesplayer!
<br />GO SOX!

<br /><br />If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to "The Jimmy Fund" and mail it to:<br />The Jimmy Fund<br />Attn: Rally for the Jimmy Fund<br />10 Brookline Place West, 6<sup>th</sup> Floor<br />Brookline, MA 02445<br /><br />Dana-Farber's tax ID is 042263040

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,555.00  
General Team Donation$870.00  
Katherine McCord$0.00  
   melinda adams$10.00  
   Shinta Adinegoro$25.00  
   Nicole Ames$10.00  
   Abuzar Anaswala$25.00  
   Jecca Auchterlonie$25.00  
   Erick Barclay$35.00  
   Tiana Baroni$10.00  
   Tim Barry$10.00  
   Brian Beltram$25.00  
   Victoria Bertucci$25.00  
   Jay Brasseur$25.00  
   Alma Brucal$10.00  
   Kait Budnik-Wojtkow$10.00  
   Stephanie Burke$10.00  
   Kristy Burkhardt$35.00  
   Lacye Caruso$10.00  
   Lycia Carvalho$10.00  
   Julie Catton$10.00  
   Jonathan Cesare$25.00  
   Kasey Chadwick$10.00  
   Cindy Christianson$100.00  
   Melissa Colace$10.00  
   Tom Conroy$25.00  
   Teresa Cooney$25.00  
   Armando Cortina$10.00  
   Anthony Crawford$10.00  
   Meagan Curry$10.00  
   Courtney Dampolo$10.00  
   Todd DeAngelo$25.00  
   Alexandra DeBenedictis$10.00  
   David DeCenzo$10.00  
   Jack Donovan$10.00  
   Matthew Dowgert$50.00  
   Mel Edwards$25.00  
   Sheila Eriksen$10.00  
   Andrea Farrington$10.00  
   Matt Fisher$10.00  
   Taylor Foley$25.00  
   Amy Folkard$10.00  
   Darcy Forlenza$10.00  
   Michelle Gildea$10.00  
   Brett Gordon$300.00  
   Tao Guo$10.00  
   Patti Haley$10.00  
   Gregory Hamblett$100.00  
   Greg Hart$10.00  
   Ian Jeffrey$50.00  
   Manuel Juarez$10.00  
   Rick Kampersal$10.00  
   Brad Karelitz$10.00  
   Jona Kee$25.00  
   Eunwoo Kim$10.00  
   Sydney Kirwan$25.00  
   Ben Levine$10.00  
   Lenny Li$10.00  
   Rui Li$10.00  
   Brooke Logan$35.00  
   mark manfra$10.00  
   Kathleen Manzo$25.00  
   Kristina Maus$10.00  
   Diana McEachern$10.00  
   Marissa McHugh$10.00  
   Christine McManus$10.00  
   Stacey Mehringer$50.00  
   Erin Miyazaki$50.00  
   Bill Morelli$25.00  
   Jeffrey Muccilli$10.00  
   Danielle Neil$25.00  
   deborah nevins$10.00  
   Fionna Ng$10.00  
   Catherine O'Connor$10.00  
   Sarah Oliva$25.00  
   Sharon ONeill$25.00  
   sandy pasquale$35.00  
   Carl Payne$10.00  
   Kristine Perna$10.00  
   Alexander Pistorio$10.00  
   Bruce Pixler$25.00  
   Michael Polito$10.00  
   Danielle Popyk$10.00  
   Edward Powers$100.00  
   John Powers$10.00  
   Tim Pruszynski$10.00  
   Michael Pugatch$50.00  
   Vy Quan$10.00  
   Tikeren Quinn$10.00  
   Meredith Reagan$10.00  
   Tammy Reid$10.00  
   Forrest Richmond$10.00  
   Kurt Ronan$10.00  
   Victoria Ronan$10.00  
   Michele Shane$50.00  
   Caitlin Silvia$25.00  
   Allyson Sorgini$10.00  
   Matthew Souza$50.00  
   David Stepanis$25.00  
   Eric Stone$10.00  
   Maggie Stuart$10.00  
   Andrea Surette$15.00  
   Laura Thaxter McNeice$50.00  
   Diana Tighe$50.00  
   Laura Timmerman$25.00  
   Krista Vreeland$10.00  
   Jack Wagner$200.00  
   Donna Walker$10.00  
   Kathleen Warren$25.00  
   Richard Wells$25.00  
   Deirdre Whann$25.00  

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